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Click Here To Download The Becoming An IQT Test Center Brochure


1. Understand the Benefits of becoming an IQT preferred Testing Center
  • Increase your candidate testing volume and earn more revenue
  • Better employ your test center's seat availability
  • User-friendly testing center web-based support system plus phone access to support staff
  • Full control to manage, modify, and enter available testing seats, test center hours, etc.
  • Candidates can register to take an examination at your center 24/7
2. IQT Preferred Testing Center Basic Requirements
  • Availability of one proctor to administer the examination(s) in accordance with the IQT Computer-Based Testing Administration manual.
  • Pentium 3 computers (or higher), 128 MB RAM, IQT's Secure Browser program (provided), Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Internet access, FAX machine , Printer access, Secured room, Quiet (free of outside distractions), Good lighting, Spacing of three feet between each computer, Comfortable seating, Clock, Handicap accessible, and Accessible to restrooms and drinking fountain.
3. Enter a contractual relationship with IQT
  • IQT will provide standardized testing center agreement
  • Proposed changes needed by a prospective testing center will be given serious consideration
  • IQT pays the testing center based upon hourly rates, in exchange for testing center making seats available and providing monitored conditions
4. Using the IQT Preferred Testing Center Administration System
  • Test Center is issued a username and password and enters appointment (seat) availability information, hours of operation, etc.
  • Test Center designates who shall be the proctors for its center, who are provided with an IQT Computer-Based Testing (CBT) Administration Manual
  • Proctors take the IQT Proctor certification test on-line to ensure basic understanding of administration policies and procedures (e.g. how to check candidates in, launch an examination, etc.)
  • Proctors report any unusual incidents by completing an on-line form
5. IQT Testing center support system
  • Real-time email and phone service support 24/7
  • Reminder notifications of upcoming testing appointment(s) at your center
  • Confirmation of upcoming testing appointment(s) at your center
6. Monthly reconciliation and payment of site fees