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Part I - Company or Institution Information * Required Field

* Company or Institution Name
* Registered Legal Name
* Your Email Address
* Your Name
* Address 1
* Address 2
* City
* State/Province/Region
Zip/Postal Code
* Country
* Telephone Number
* Fax Number
* Website URL (if not applicable, please enter n/a)
Part II - Physical Description of Test Center
An IQT Preferred Testing Center is required to provide a distraction-free, secure testing environment with continuous monitoring any time a candidate is taking a test.

* Is parking and public transportation available?
* Is there an area at your facility for checking-in candidates prior to admitting them to the testing room?
* Is there a secure area where candidates personal items can be secured away from the testing area?
* How many testing stations are in your testing center?
* What are the days and hours of operation for your facility? Fill in the times i.e. 10a-5p or enter Closed
* Sunday  
* Monday  
* Tuesday  
* Wednesday  
* Thursday  
* Friday  
* Saturday  
* Does each testing station meet the following requirements?
Pentium 3 computers (or higher)  
128 MB RAM  
Internet Explorer 7 or higher  
Internet access  
FAX machine  
Printer access  
Secured room  
Quiet (free of outside distractions)  
Good lighting  
Spacing of three feet between each computer  
Comfortable seating  
Handicap accessible  
Accessible to restrooms and drinking fountain  

After clicking on submit, an IQT representative will review the information and contact you.