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General Iso-Quality Testing (IQT) Policies

Examination Fees and Testing Appointments

Please note that for those candidates paying examination fees directly to IQT, they do so in the private and secure area of the this website, via credit card (Visa, M/C, AmEx), after having being determined to be pre-qualified and issued a username and password by the specific credentialing body (i.e. "Sponsoring Agency") issuing the professional credential for which you are testing. The amount of the examination fee paid by the candidate for testing is not determined by IQT. The testing fee is determined by each Sponsoring Agency, and is published on their respective websites and in their Candidate Information Brochures. The appropriate examination fee associated with each examination title administered by IQT, will be listed as the amount to be charged in the payment screens of the registration/appointment process, depending upon which examination you are taking. These fee amounts may be verified for accuracy at any time directly with the credentialing body. 

After making an appointment, candidates may change or cancel it provided it is greater than 5 business days prior to that testing appointment. You may be required to pay a rescheduling or cancellation fee to process your request. This policy is determined by each Sponsoring Agency, and is published on their respective websites and in their Candidate Information Brochures. Cancellations or changes received in less than 5 business days from the testing appointment, or if the candidate "no-shows" for the appointment, will not be given a refund, nor credit toward a later program (unless there is a documented medical emergency). The Sponsoring Agency also may have established additional policies regarding testing, such as waiting periods between testing attempts, or testing within specific time "windows," behaviors which may invalidate test scores, etc. It is incumbent upon the testing candidates to ensure these policies are understood, by checking directly with the Sponsoring Agency for the specific professional credentialing program for which you are interested. This information can typically be obtained by requesting a Candidate Information Brochure from the Sponsoring Agency for the test/credential being sought.

Safe Credit Card Payments Policies

The IQT Safe Credit Card Payments Guarantee protects you when you use your credit card to pay IQT fees online. In fact, SMT will cover payments up to USD $50 provided the following terms and conditions are met. This means you pay nothing if unauthorized charges are made to your card as a result of you using your credit card to pay for IQT fees online.

In the event of unauthorized use of your credit card, you must notify your credit card provider in accordance with it's terms and conditions to ensure reporting rules and procedures for card misuse are met. If you have complied with step 1, under the Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank cannot hold you liable for more than USD $50 in fraudulent charges. If you are charged this amount for unauthorized charges made to your card, through no fault of your own and as a result of using IQT's secure server for making an SMT credit card payment online, IQT will reimburse you up to the USD $50 maximum amount of your liability.

IQT makes this guarantee as a result of having secure server software (SSL), among the best software available today for secure online commerce transactions. Your personal information is encrypted, including credit card number, name and address, to better prevent it from being read while traveling over the Internet. For more information regarding online credit card payments or to discuss alternative forms of payment, please contact IQT. IQT SSL credentials may be verified at any time with the third party agency (Network Solutions) by clicking on the SafeSite logo located on the IQT main page.

On the private side of the IQT website when making payments, the following agreement will appear prior to clicking "Submit" for the credit card transaction:

"I understand by clicking on 'Submit' that this is an electronic signature unique to me, and to pay the total amount listed above for examination fees. I further understand that this will appear as 'IQT Examinations' on my credit card statement, and that if I should reject these charges with my credit card company, IQT has the right to withhold the reporting of my examination results from the Sponsoring Agency, and shall revoke any credentials that may have been issued as a result of the examination."

Privacy Policy

IQT has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for this website: www.isoqualitytesting.com IQT reserves the right to change this policy at any time by notifying users of the existence of a new privacy statement.

Collection of Data
IQT does not collect personal data about individuals except when such individuals specifically provide such information on a voluntary basis directly, or via the Sponsoring Agency for which they have applied to be tested. Users should also be aware that non-personal information and data may be automatically collected through the standard operation of IQT Internet servers or through the use of 'cookies.' In certain limited circumstances (for instance in making special accommodations), we may ask you to provide information regarding your disability or health condition so that we can make suitable arrangements to accommodate you at examination test centers. We appreciate that you may consider this information to be particularly sensitive, and you can rest assured that we will keep such information in the strictest confidence and use it only for the limited purposes for which it was collected.

Purpose of Processing
The personal data collected is used by IQT to perform testing functions only, and is used by our testing centers under contract with IQT, which are legally bound to hold your information confidential, for testing functions only (to establish your positive identification as the actual test-taker, for example). Additionally, only that information necessary for administering the credentialing program is reported back to the Sponsoring Body (your test scores, for example, are reported to the Sponsoring Agency, but your credit card information is not since it is not necessary for administering the credentialing program). IQT will occasionally provide collective candidate information to Sponsoring Agencies for the routine performance of statistical analyses of user behavior and characteristics in order to measure interest in and use of the various areas of the Site, or to monitor the psychometric performance of examinations, or to provide survey data about the quality of IQT services. In such instances, IQT will provide only aggregated data from analyses to Sponsoring Agencies or authorized party. IQT may also use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer the Site.

As IQT is an organization based in the United States your personal data will be collected and processed in the United States by IQT in accordance with, and for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy. If you do not wish your personal data to be handled in this way, please inform us using the contact option on our home page. In those cases when you want IQT to provide a copy of the information held on you, IQT may require the payment of an administration fee of $15. Additionally and upon your written request, IQT will update/correct personal information previously submitted which you believe to be inaccurate.

Third Parties
Occasionally, IQT may out-source administration and other IQT functions to contractors (to upgrade a database system, for example). In such cases, IQT may provide these third parties with contact information for the sole purpose of performing IQT -sanctioned tasks under the supervision of IQT employees. These contractual relationships specifically address the manner in which they may use contact information and that they may not copy or disseminate that information or use it for any purpose other than that specified in the contract. Additionally, upon termination of the contract, they must return all information to IQT and destroy any copies that they might possess. Non-Discrimination Policy
IQT is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in its activities and does not now allow, condone or support discrimination of any type within its organization, practices, procedures, or vendors. IQT conducts examinations in locations worldwide on numerous days of the week, including weekdays and weekends. In addition, we continually post new examination centers in order to provide maximum opportunity in terms of examination dates, locations and times for candidates.

If you are eligible to sit for an examination and possess a physical disability that prohibits you from taking the examination, please notify us, and we will gladly offer reasonable accommodation in conformance with the specific policy of the Sponsoring Agency for such cases.